The Pirate in Person

18 Jun

This is what Toad looks like with an eye patch on! Monday afternoon, when he got the patch, he thought it was “SO COOL”. The next morning, however, he was begging me to let him take it off. Unfortunately, dr’s orders, it couldn’t come off until about 4:30 pm. By then he had driven his mother to drink. The eye, however, looks MUCH better, so I’m guessing that the antibiotic ointment helped a lot.

I’ve gotta tell you, so far, i’m LOVING summer. I don’t get up until after 7:30, and so far this week the kids and I haven’t been dressed before 10 am. I guess there are upsides to this gas crisis after all! Now it’s 10:55 and Toad is in the shower while his harried mother is typing up this blog so that the entire world can see what he looks like with a patch on :).

In other news, the power outage we had seems to have fried our cordless phone/answering machine…the one we got about a MONTH ago. Dammit! So now we’re looking for a new one. we’re looking for one that’s not too expensive, that works well, that has an answering machine attached to it, and that…well…works well. I’d kind of like it to be pretty, but that’s not a deal breaker. Any thoughts?


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