America’s Got Talent

20 Jun
I had it in my mind this year that I would NOT watch America’s Got Talent, for the simple fact that this year I was actually invited to go and chose not to.

Yes, I was invited to try out for America’s Got Talent. Don’t get so excited, I’m sure about a billion other people were too. I chose, however, to not go, being as my voice is decent but not THAT amazing (and I certainly don’t think the entire package is worth a million dollars). I found myself watching the show, as I’d seen and heard about this man who impersonates Britney Spears better than she does herself.

Then I saw this:

Oh.My.Gawd!! How cute is she?! Not only that, at the age of FOUR she’s got the words down and she’s got a better pitch than most of the adults I know.

I’m always really tough on singers, being as I’m a halfway decent one myself, and this little girl did far, FAR better than any four year old I’ve ever seen.

Babygirl actually has a halfway decent voice as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it matures, but as of now she wouldn’t be able to sing in public, as she got her mother’s fault as well as her voice: stage fright!

Every time I go onstage I tend to get really, really nervous.

I’ve been thinking, though, that maybe I should record something and post it on here, just for fun…what do you think?


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