Ant Invasion!

23 Jun
We always get ants here in the summer – this year they’re little tiny ants that look more like small specks of coffee grounds than ants. This doesn’t bother me overmuch – usually we just get some traps, place them on the counter, and within a few weeks, the ants are gone.

Yesterday we dropped the kiddos off at my aunt’s house where they were spoiled and played with (Babygirl was introduced to Bratz – NO!) and had a great time. Scott and I drove around, got some lunch at a little drive-in diner, and visited some friends and family. We came home and let the dogs run around for awhile, then finally brought the kiddos inside to get them some dinner (we were still stuffed).

My laptop has been sitting on the dining room table for a few months now. It tends to be the best place for me to work, as the height is right and my back seems to like it the best. I headed over to the table to check my email and lo and behold – there were about fifty ants all over the dining room table! The dining room table is about six feet away from the counter – HOW the ants traveled that far, I’m not sure. They’ve never hit the dining room table before, and now I’m panicking! I can just imagine one of them getting into my computer and totally frying it.

I just read online that the best way to get rid of them is to spray your counter with bleach every night, so I guess that’s what I’m going to do! Any other hints?


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