Bullied Around

24 Jun

One of the things I love/hate about summer is my sleeping schedule. I LOVE that I can sleep in until 8 am (as the kids sleep that late)….I hate that I am wide awake half of the time until 1 am or later, causing a serious disconnect between Scott and I, as he tries to stay awake to be with me and passes out. I keep telling him to go to bed, but the man just doesn’t listen!

My latest obsession? Bully. A few months ago I read about how they’d taken this PS2 game and made it Wii-playable. The review was really good, and was from a reviewer that I trust, so I was dying to try the game. Half of the time we went to Blockbuster it was rented out, and the other half of the time I couldn’t justify renting a game (ie, Scott didn’t think I needed to rent a video game when we’ve got so many at home). Then, a few weeks ago, our Blockbuster was bought out by an independent company (side note: we were STOKED when Blockbuster arrived less than a year ago – finally, we had a big business in our small area! Apparently we’re TOO small of an area, and Blockbuster has backed out…I guess this means no Starbucks, huh?) and Bully was on the shelves AND I had the time to rent it! YES! Unfortunately it wasn’t really there…they were transferring labels and didn’t have the disc in at that time – it had accidentally gotten left on the shelves.


Then, last Friday, it was in. There it was – the Holy Grail that I’d been searching for. I had the cash in my pocket, and with one glaring look at Scott, I grabbed up the game and headed to the checkout! YES! I began playing it that night, and have become absolutely, and hopelessly, addicted.

I always enjoyed GTA games, but sometimes they got a bit frustrating for me, as the cops would catch you just when you were really enjoying yourself. Bully is exactly like GTA – except…not. It is really fun. I have a blast shooting out lights and egging other students, and my mission in life is to get Jimmy to kiss this one, really hot chick that I can seem to find only in the girl’s dorm room (where I’m trespassing…she hates Jimmy, BTW, so it’ll be a miracle if I can get her to kiss him).

Last night I forced Scott to watch his wrestling in the bedroom, so that when I got done work I could play Bully. From 10 – 1 I was playing, and imagine my shock when Scott began to pause his wrestling so that he could come into the living room and see what I was doing with Bully! Apparently he’s gotten a bit addicted too (he’s a bit of a backseat gamer, though, and is always trying to tell me what to do, which gets really annoying sometimes).

The sad part? The game is due back today – *sniff* and I’ve only completed about 20% of it!

The good part? Scott is now urging me to go online and purchase the game – SCORE!

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