26 Jun
Yesterday Scott did something I’ve never seen him do before – sulk. My SIL showed up unexpectedly and instead of greeting her, Scott came inside and laid down on our bed. After a long talk with my SIL, I came in and got dinner ready for the rugrats. I checked in on Scott and he appeared to be sleeping. I closed the door and asked the kids if they wanted to take their bikes down to the school and ride around. They happily agreed, and so we jumped into the van and took off (after leaving a note for Daddy, of course).

A few minutes into their riding time Scott came tearing down the road. I was busy helping Babygirl put her sandal back on and didn’t see what state he was in until I got a bit closer once the deed was done. He was crying.

No. Not crying. Bawling as I’ve never seen him bawl before.

He apparently had peeked out the window and had seen me take the kids. He thought I was leaving him. My heart broke. He’s never cried like that in front of me – not when the kids were born, nor when we got married, and not even when his mother passed away.

He calmed down and we talked. He finally seemed to take the situation seriously (before it was all “we’re just arguing a bit…no worries”) and realized that he had been the instigator in the previous fight. Once he realized that it wasn’t just me, he seemed to step back and reevaluate the entire situation.

For the rest of the evening things were relaxed. He even drove out to Wendys to get us some dinner, as neither of us had eaten very much during the day. I shucked off work for a night and we watched bad television, cuddled in each others arms, each realizing that we had come extremely close to losing the only person we each had who loved us unconditionally.

Things are okay now. I’m not going to say that they’re perfect, because its been less than 24 hours since the battle ended and I don’t know if it will happen again. The only thing I can do is sit back, relax, and try to enjoy our children while also trying to make our marriage work.


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