So far Today

28 Jun
Because I lurves me some Scribefire Bullets…

  • went to tons of yard sales (tired feet!)
  • bought homemade bread (because I’m too lazy lately to make it myself)
  • bought a book for Scott – 1001 Ways to Be Romantic (heh)
  • bought some books for me
  • bought some books for the kiddos
  • bought the kiddos some fun dress-up hats
  • purchased my first “adult” bike
  • bought more fireworks (like we didn’t have enough as it is)
  • realized I am EXTREMELY out of shape when I tried to ride said bike
  • took off Toad’s training wheels
  • watched Toad get frustrated when he tried to ride without training wheels
  • got new phone in the mail – hooray!
  • played with new phone
  • annoyed hubby with new phone
  • got Bully in the mail
  • have to wait until tonight to play *sob*
  • had neighbor’s daughter come over
  • watched children get wet under sprinkler
  • watched children jump on trampoline
  • watched neighbor’s daughter have crush on son
  • am currently watching children try to sneak up on sleeping hubby so that they can put makeup on him

And my boss wonders why I get little work done…


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