Being Passive?

29 Jun
I know I’m going against everything CinnKitty says to do, but I find that I can’t help myself. Here’s the deal:

Wanted is playing in a town about 45 minutes away from here (ridiculous, I know). I really, REALLY want to see it. The last time I went to the theater it was to see Kung Fu Panda, and the time before that was Bee Movie. You now understand that I very, very rarely ever go to the movie theater to see a movie that I really want to see. (wait – forgot about Iron Mansaw that in May for our anniversary…but I don’t consider that MY movie, because we both wanted to see it).

Okay, OTHER THAN Iron Man, which we saw in a very cool theater while we were driving to get Scott’s fireworks, I haven’t been to see an adult movie in a long time.

Last weekend I knew that Scott wanted to go see The Incredible Hulk. I set up babysitting and got everything ready so that he and I could go see it. He HAD been saying that he really, really wanted to see the movie, which is why I made a huge effort to allow us to go see it. Then, on the day of the movie, he changed his mind and decided he just wanted to hang out. Fine – no problem.

SO once I discovered that Wanted wasn’t playing anywhere around here, I did some searching and found out that it was playing 45 minutes away. I’ve been dying to see this movie for quite awhile, and he knows it. I made a huge deal on Friday of pointing out where it was playing, and in trying to figure out which theater was the closest (there’s also another one about an hour away playing it). I was trying ot figure out how to get from here to there, and basically throwing every hint that I could out at him to show him that I wanted to go see that movie this weekend.

My fantasy? He tells me Sunday morning that we have plans this afternoon. A babysitter shows up for the kiddos and we head 45 minutes away to go see the movie that I want to see bad enough to actually pay for it. (and I’m talking Matinee here, which is only $4.50 a piece…very inexpensive).

My reality?

“So babe, what are your plans for the day?” I ask.
“I’ve got to go pick up all of the debris left in the driveway from the fireworks last night.”
“OH! I almost forgot!” he exclaims.
“Didn’t we want to take the kids…you know…b-o-w-l-i-n-g?”
“Oh…I guess.”

Did I come straight out and say “I want you to take me to go see the movie on Sunday?” No. Did I make it as apparent as possible that I want him to take me to see the movie without saying those words? YES. A blind person could’ve followed that trail. I even made a point of saying that I didn’t want to wait (for the record, I would’ve waited if the theater closer here was getting it next weekend. They aren’t.), just like he doesn’t want to wait a lot. I made his favorite fruit and dip for him last night, and rubbed him all over last night and this morning (and I got no rubbing back, thank you very much).

And he wonders why I’m in a grouchy mood.

I’m sorry, but after all that fighting and grouching (which even he says was mostly his fault), I think he owes me an inexpensive little treat. Will I get it?



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