A New Movement

30 Jun
I’m starting a movement.

For the last two days, all I keep hearing is, “you’ve got to take your romantic relationship in your own hands and just do things. Men aren’t romantic, and they never will be. If you want to have romance in your life, you have to plan things and tell him exactly what/when you’d like to go out.”

My response to that?


Look at it this way – we women fought for the right to be equal. We now are able to bring in equal money (most of the time), and can fill our gas tanks by ourselves. We do at least 50% of the work in a relationship, which includes doing things for a guy that you dislike/don’t care to do. How many movies have you sat through for your guy that you didn’t care for? How often have you made an effort too make his favorite meal, or to get his lunch ready for the next day? How often have you brought him coffee, or done something just for him?

How often has he reciprocated?

It’s almost like just because we got equal rights, men feel that they don’t have to be romantic at all.

I want to see a man who opens the car door for his lady occasionally. I want to see a man who, every once in awhile, stops on his way home to pick some wildflowers for his “woman”. I want a guy who can leave a little note before he goes to work that says, “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you…have a good day”. I want a man who can pick you up and carry you across the threshold, “just because”.

(side note: no, I’ve never been carried over a threshold. Yes, I’m married.)

I’m going to start a movement where we women take back romance! We can no longer sit aside and say that it is our responsibility to handle ALL of the romance in the relationship.

What do you say Ladies?


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