6 Jul

Things got a bit better with RG. She seemed to calm down and last night went much better. I still don’t think I’m cut out for this, but something she said really caught my attention.

“I don’t want to leave my school.” she said.

“Why not?” we asked.

“Because then I can’t do respite, and I really want to do respite. I just started!”

So soft-hearted me is definitely going to be waiting for a bit before I make a definite decision on whether or not she can come over again.

This morning we packed up and headed out fishing! The first place we went sucked. Then I asked Scott to go to a place a friend had told us about (right behind a supermarket). I figured it’d be a good place where the kids would be safe and could enjoy themselves. He finally agreed and we headed there. A few minutes into the expedition, Toad caught a fish! Another few minutes and RG caught a fish! Then, about 10 minutes later, Babygirl caught a fish! They were all fairly small, but when it comes to fishing, all that matters is that the kids actually get one, right?!

So then, while they were wading in the water, I cast out a few times. I got caught in the weeds more than once, but was always able to drag my line back in. Scott started casting out near me and the race was ON!

Within about 10 minutes, just when the kiddos were getting sick of wading in the water and we were going to call it a day, I saw my bobber go down. I yanked on it and started reeling in. I knew then that I had either gotten caught on a massive weed, or I had a big fish.

It was a big fish. (in the photo below, please ignore the fat-ass lady with the horrible hair cut holding onto the fish.)

Say “hello” to my little friend! A 16.5 inch 2 lb large mouth bass! From the SHORE.

Yes we took it home.

Yes we cut it up.

Yes we fried it up (with a little butter, salt, pepper, and some garlic and lemon…it was delicious!)

I won :).


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