8 Jul
Oh, hello blog old friend! How are you? Good! Great! Oh me? I’ve been a might busy today….I cleaned my dirty house, then played an impossibly long game with the kiddos, then raced to make sure that we could get the shots for the dogs while still allowing the kids to…you know…EAT. Then we raced back to grab the kiddos (their Aunt babysat them) and headed to Toad’s first soccer game.

So, yeah, HI!

The vet visit went well…a painful $64, but there it is. My mother had to purchase some shin guards for Toad, another $21 – so today I spent $85 and…well…went nowhere really! That’s kind of scary.

Tomorrow the kids cousin is coming over to stay for a few hours. Her older sister is in basketball camp and her mother is working, so there’s no one to make sure that she doesn’t turn Goth or burn the house down.

It’s cool – my kiddos love playing with her, and she tolerates them fairly well (especially when we do something fun). It’s supposed to be hot tomorrow, so I’m thinking a day inside in front of the AC before we have to head out to another soccer game sounds delightful!

I’m also trying to find a program that I can use to record me singing. No, I haven’t forgotten about that (okay, so I did forget until just tonight, but I remembered – doesn’t that count?!) I’ll see if I can get it recorded for tomorrow so that I can get a vote on how horrible I sound :).


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