Randi Singing – Plug your Ears?

8 Jul
So, thanks to Jaime pointing out the awesomeness of Audacity to me (I’ll be playing with that thing for awhile Jaime – thanks for helping me to be PRODUCTIVE), I’ve got an MP3 of me…well…singing.

Now, its not perfect by ANY means, and even I heard a spot or two where I could’ve done much better, but I was dealing with a cheapie mic and trying to rush because the kiddos (I’m watching 3 today, remember) were wondering WHY I was singing in the bathroom. So this was kind of rushed.

Listen to it and let me know if you agree with CinnKitty that my voice is like “Tinkerbell on Speed”.


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And yes, I take requests 🙂

Seriously, though, I’d really like ot know what you think.


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