Randi’s New Crack

8 Jul
So in my haste today I completely forgot to introduce you to my new crack. Friends, meet Randi’s new crack:

I was talking with Jaime about the swap we’re setting up and mentioned the new Macaroni & Cheese Crackers.

Seriously. Try these.

These things are like Nibs or Cheez-its, only way, WAY better. They’ve got this taste that is just…perfect! They crunch beautifully and have taken the place of chips on my plate whenever I have a sandwich. Macaroni and Cheese Crackers rule. Seriously.

And I’m not the only one that thinks so!

Babygirl can eat the entire box if I let her. My fussy SIL ate some today and loved them, and a bunch of other moms were flipping over them when I brought them on the bus up to the Zoo a month ago.

I am telling you right now – ignore the price tag on these suckers and go out and buy a box. They last for quite awhile (unless me and Babygirl get a hold of them), and are seriously insanely good. I don’t like too strong of a cheese flavor, so I purchase the mild cheddar version. SIL was going to go out and buy the White Cheddar version later tonight.

Want a new crack? Look to Mac!


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