Feeling a Bit Better

10 Jul
I’m still in awe as to why it hit me so badly today. Jennifer sent me a private message and said that it hit her as well around the first anniversary of the tubal, so maybe that’s it.

One thing that bothered me, I think, is that I was feeling so much like I was alone. Like I was the only one to knew that this baby had existed. When I talked to Scott earlier, I actually hung up on him when made a comment about the baby not being real.


He apologized when he called back, however, and explained that, in his eyes, the most important thing was for me to be healthy and for the kids to be healthy. As long as we were here so that he could hug and hold us, he was happy.

I can see where he’s coming from.

I’ve been relaxing most of the day, mainly just because I feel exhausted from the crying jag this morning. The kiddos and I hit the Family Dollar and bought a new container to hold our Wii things in (they were driving me bananas!), I also let the kiddos buy a few little things. And I bought myself a new address book.

I know, I’m wild, right?

Thank you guys for your messages. I know that far worse things happen to people, but for some reason, today, I was just very sad about the whole situation. I do appreciate my children, my husband, and my life (and my dogs occasionally…right now they’re soaking wet outside), and I appreciate you all as well, more than you’ll ever know.


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