Poor Sleep

10 Jul
So the result of crying half the day?

A headache.

I count myself as lucky – it could’ve morphed into a monster migraine, but it didn’t. It was merely a tension headache from the bawling.

The result of the headache?

Being unable to fall asleep and listening to your husband snore.

Around midnight I got up and hit the couch, after, of course, I popped four iburporphen (I swear my stomach has to be made of metal half the time to withstand the amount of drugs it can). My faithful Duke jumped up on the couch to cuddle with me in my misery. I love that dog.

Meanwhile the other two monsters have become…well…monsters. I think they’re going through their adolescence phase. They won’t listen to me, they do only what they want to do, and they pooped on the floor!

Don’t all teenagers do that?

They got a lesson, however, when “bitch mom” came out, and they learned that they’d better listen, or they’d become stew.

I’m talking about the puppies, guys, not the kiddos – jeez!

The kiddos have actually been angels the last few days. Yesterday it was painfully obvious that I was upset, and while I hid the majority of my tears from them, they still knew that mommy wasn’t in top form. They amused themselves most of the day and played really well together.

They’ve also played together well today, and I definitely owe them some play time. Daddy said on the phone this afternoon that he feels guilty that he wasn’t trying to help me more last night when my head ached, and so I think he’ll be willing to sit down and play a few board games with us tonight.

Other than that we’re packing and getting ready to go camping! Saturday morning we’ll heading out and we’ll be back late Sunday. Expect tons of pics (hopefully) and a very tired couple of parents :).


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