A Campin’ We Will Go

11 Jul
Have I mentioned that we’re going camping for a night this weekend?

Oh, I did?

Have I mentioned that, for some reason, apparently the mother is the one who is supposed to be able to remember everything that we’ll need to bring? For instance, did you know that it is the mother’s responsibility to make sure that we remember to bring toothbrushes? Who’s going to smell our breath in the woods, right? And that the mother has to remember to bring “puppy, lizard, puppy #2, zebra, and blankie”? Silly kids – don’t they know we’re just going to lock them in the van and listen to them scream and cry all night long? Maybe if we tell them that the boogie man will get them, they’ll shut up and go to sleep.

Seriously, though, we’re all looking forward to this weekend. Of course, I still have to do 2.3 billion things for just ONE NIGHT AWAY, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. Who wants to bet that we get very little sleep?

Meanwhile, did you see the new pretty banner on my sidebar? It’s for an amazing sex toy company called VibeReview. For starters, how pretty is that banner? I’m simply in love with it and wish I could have a design like that for my background!

In keeping with the whole “sex is fun” theme around here that I’ve been throwing myself into for the past few years, I’m going to be reviewing their toys right on this blog. How cool is that?! I’ve reviewed sex toys for other companies before, but never linked to here because…well…my mother occasionally pops by here! Now, however, she is aware of what I do and she is actually fairly supportive of it! Viva la sex toys! So in a few short weeks (hopefully sooner!) I’ll be putting up periodic reviews of sex toys.

I want you to know that, when I do a sex toy review, I’m extremely honest. I say what I like about the toy, and what I don’t. I’ve turned a few friends onto specific toys that I knew would help their sex life and I was very glad when the toy worked! I’ve had good toys, bad toys, and “OMG!!!” toys, and I’m willing to try…well…almost anything. So I hope that when these reviews go live you’ll take a moment to read them and, if you like the review enough, will check out VibeReview.

Okay, enough about toys, I’ve gotta get packing. No sex toys are allowed, because no matter how quiet some of them are, the idea of having sex in a tent where your two little ones are snoring away is something that turns even my libido off!


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