New Look

18 Jul
Because I was supposed to be working, I decided to change my background here – what do you think?

There are still a few things to tweak. The first thing I need your help on is Haloscan – I used to use Haloscan for my comments, simply because the blogger commenting box bugged the hell out of me. Now, however, it seems to be much more personable, and I like it a bit better, so I want your opinion – do I leave the blogger box or do I put Haloscan back in?

Next, I’m having a bit of a hard time getting my time/date stamp configured. Apparently there is supposed to be some specific code that I change but…well…I can’t find that cod. I have the code I’m supposed to replace it with, but I can’t find the original code. Who needs a reminder of time anyway, right? Psish….(I swear, I’ll figure it out eventually!)

But you’ve gotta take a look at the cool new sidebars! The regular reads section is so uber cool, I’m stoked about it. It not only lists my favorite reads, it lists them in the order of the most recently updated one AND grabs the title of their last blog post! How sweet is that?!

All of my connections were deleted in the move (I swear, I meant to do that…) so if I’m missing you on my regular reads, I’m sorry! Drop me a comment and I’ll get you on there!

Other than a few little tweaks, what do you think of the new design?

Edited: I went back to Haloscan, for the simple fact that it looked like no one ever visited!! And, you know, I’m all about being popular…haha. If that were true, I’d be at BlogHer!


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