I think

19 Jul
Okay, there are still a few TINY tweaks, but I think I’m done with the new blog – yay! It took a good few hours out of my day (first getting it up, then tweaking it, then admiring it, then tweaking it some more…) but it was fun! It was actually the easiest installation of a template that I’ve had so far.

Today marked Scott’s final day of work before vacation.

Save me.

Scott will be home from work for TWO WEEKS after today! YIKES! He says he has plans – as long as one of his “plans” is to go to see The Dark Knight, I’ll be happy! My boss has already seen it and said it was amazing.

To celebrate his vacation (also known as “Randi’s period of insanity”), we took Scott out to the new chinese buffet restaurant.

Oh.My.God. Those places should be illegal.

The kids filled up on chicken fingers, ice cream, and pudding, while Scott and I had pretty much everything else. Well, HE had everything else, my fussy eating limited me to only a table full of available food, but I made up for it by piling the things that I would eat high on my plate. They had this thing called Triple Delight – it was imitation crab meat, baby shrimp, and something else (I’m going to avoid asking what the something else was) and it was sooo gooooooddd. It was basically just tossed in butter and herbs and served warm, and was delicious in its simplicity.

What are your weekend plans?


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