A Quick Rant

20 Jul
Okay, I know I just posted about how I can’t go see Dark Knight this weekend, but something else is bugging me and I need your opinion on it.

The SIL came down this morning to use the computer (no, they don’t have one at their house, due to her fiance being a total and utter dumbass). While she was here, she made some remarks about all of us (ie Scott, me, the kiddos, and them) going to an amusement park or something during this week, as everyone (except me) has the week off.

They’ve talked about this before – about wanting to all go camping together, and wanting to go to a small amusement park all together.

My problem?

They have to pay for two people. We have to pay for four.

This doesn’t mean that I want them to pay for our kiddos by any means. They, however, don’t realize how much more expensive it is when you have children and try to do something.

For example, the park they want to go to costs $15 for adults to get in and $6 for under 5. This means that they’d have to pay $30. We’d have to pay $51. Then, I’m sure, we’d be driving our van with them in it and they wouldn’t offer to pay for some of the gas – or, if they drove their truck, we’d still have to pay for our own gas anyway. We’ve also got children to feed and they don’t. And we’d have to buy souveniers and deal with kiddos wanting stuff. On top of all that, there are only a few small rides there – one of which Babygirl can’t even go on, and you get to see performing bears. That’s it. Most of the amusements there are things you can look at, and not “do”, so while it’d be a bit fun for Toad, I can see both kids getting fairly bored really quickly.

“But,” the fiance says, “I’d love to see the kids on the train ride!” (they have a train ride where the “Wolfman” travels around and chases the train)

Yeah – okay – but I’m not paying $51 just to see my kids face when they watch the Wolfman come after us.

Am I being a total bitch?


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