Dark Knight? Nope.

20 Jul

I’m pouting. Seriously! Okay, so maybe I’m not pouting visibly, but I’m definitely pouting in the inside. I really, really want to go see Batman: The Dark Knight.

Unlike some, I don’t want to see it just for Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker (although I do love Heath) – I want to see it because I’ve watched all of the Batman’s and because I loved Batman Begins. Both Scott and I agree that Christian Bale and the writers brought a whole new level to Batman – giving him that dark edge that he is so well known for in the comic books. He totally redeemed Batman from the farce that George Clooney had turned it into. No, I don’t think George Clooney is sexy. Are you going to take away my “womanhood” card now?

I want to see Dark Knight because it just looks amazing, and because a few people who are very close to me, and whose opinions in movies I respect, have said that this movie is the be all, end all of Batman movies.

The only problem? We don’t have a babysitter. We called my cousin (whose daughter has been babysitting for us lately and whom the kiddos LOVE), and she and the girls are busy all weekend. My mother is gone to a family reunion thingy today (which we were invited to but which we declined to go to as it was for my step-dad’s family and we’re really not that close to them), and my SIL? She and her fiance are on vacation and we kind of don’t want to ask them because it feels like we ask them every time we need a babysitter (even though we haven’t asked for awhile, we don’t want to abuse their kindness). So right now? No babysitter.

No babysitter means no Dark Knight. *sigh*


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