What Comes After Nine?

22 Jul

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The girl, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Toad had soccer last night and due to a rainstorm before the game, there weren’t many people there. This meant that he got to play almost all of the positions and for almost the whole game! They usually do a great job making sure all the kids get to play (it’s more about learning the game this time around than it is about winning), but this time he really got some experience.

Lo and behold, he was also constantly followed around by this little girl! What is even more hilarious than the fact that they had numbers in succession, is that both of their names are a major city! How funny?!

We picked on him most of the night about it, and i can’t help but think how its amusing for me to pick on him now, but in eight years or less I’ll be suspicious of any girl coming his way!

Did you see the new thingies on the sidebar?! One’s a birthday countdown, and the other is a new Flickr badge! I upgraded and…well…haven’t quite told Scott yet.

I’m also heading out this afternoon to see Batman! Woo hoo! Right as I hear that he got arrested for “assaulting” his mother and sister. Maybe they’re in league with Twoface?


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