Which Bloggers I’d Like to Meet

25 Jul
With all this talk of BlogHer going on (at least half of the websites I look at have some sort of BlogHer post), I have to admit, I’m actually tempted to try to save and go to BlogHer next year. Why? Probably because I have this uncontrollable urge to be popular? Therein, however, lies the rub.

I know, if I were to go to BlogHer, that I would most likely be snubbed by the bloggers that I read every day – the ones that I love. I know that I’d be the shy, quiet girl in the corner, wishing that someone would pay attention to her. Everyone has their own faults, this is one of mine. Am I shy in real life? My friends will tell you I’m not, but the truth is that I get very scared and nervous and often come across as annoying and loud.

I’m a charmer, ya know!

Anyway, all this talk about BlogHer got me to thinking, honestly, about who I’d truly like to meet in real life, and if going to BlogHer would make that happen.

CinnKitty – who wouldn’t want to meet Kitty? She’s sweet, thoughtful, funny, and seems as though she would be a wonderful friend. She is one of the few bloggers I’ve talked to over the phone and who still swears I sound like Tinkerbell (I’m not agreeing that I do, but for the record, Scott agrees with Kitty…the traitor).

Finn – Finn is an amazing woman – or seems like it anyway! She has a delicious imagination, and she also seems very sweet.

Misstress M – another blogger who I have actually spoken to (when she was on her trip with Kitty), and who is everything I wish I was – smart, strong, and INCREDIBLY sexy. If I could morph these three bloggers together (emphasis on Kitty’s eyes and butt and M’s boobs), you’d have my ideal woman.

Dee – I love Dee’s mission in life, and she seems like such a wonderful and sweet woman! I would definitely love to meet her.

Jaime – Jaime and I have become close friends, and I believe that we’d be the best of friends in real life – if only one of us didn’t live in Australia! We suffer from the same medical issues, and have sent packages back and forth across the ocean to each other. I’m actually waiting for one of her packages right now!

Heidi – She seems so sweet and shy, but I just know, deep down in her, is a core of strength that no one would believe. She’s also incredibly beautiful and seems very much like the “girl next door” kind of woman.

AAG – Who doesn’t want to meet AAG! She’s funny and extremely open about everything. Actually, I’m afraid she’d really intimidate me if we met in person!

There are a number of other bloggers I’d really like to meet, but I realized, after looking over my list, that most of them would not be at BlogHer, and that the only person whom I’d get a chance to drool over there would be Dooce whom, I’ve heard, is actually a not very nice person.

Okay, “heard” means that I’ve read it online, but everything you read on the internet is true, right?

Seriously, though, why is she so popular? I don’t care for her writing – I don’t find it funny at all, and if she’s as “unkind” as I’ve been told, why would people want to meet her? I can think of plenty of other blogger whom I think should be able to earn enough money for their blogs that they don’t have to work, and she is definitely not one of them.

I also want to take a second to gripe about BlogHer – I’ve tried to join their website for months. I’ve even tried to just have my blog LISTED there. No go. I’ve never even heard back from them about questions I’ve asked! Apparently me and my little blog aren’t good enough for them. I guess they’re blogging snobs.

I’ve written before (in a previous life on a previous blog) about how there are blogging cliques – and about how you are placed in one clique or another. It’s just like high school, only more cut-throat and annoying. Fortunately I’ve managed to become friendly with some very wonderful women, and if I’m cool enough to be considered a member of their clique, I would be extremely happy and honored.


2 Responses to “Which Bloggers I’d Like to Meet”

  1. Misstressm September 11, 2008 at 4:12 pm #

    OH my God I have not been blogging in ages and I am LOVIN’ your new home…..LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. You can certainly meet me anytime you like. We have Disney world in California. And I am going to Charelston in November for the Cathouse event. Cum….whoops I meant come.

  2. Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) July 3, 2009 at 7:16 pm #

    It is true that blogging cliques can feel a little like high school… but I try not to focus on that. I think that most bloggers don’t want it to feel like that and that almost everyone really does want to be friendly and inclusive.

    Last year at BlogHer, I found everyone to be very friendly. At almost every meal or presentation I went and sat down with people I’d never met and introduced myself. I think that is the best part — meeting new people.

    And I met Heather (dooce) at a local meet and greet here in Vancouver and she actually is really nice. I didn’t talk to her for long, but she seemed very cool and down to earth.

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