Reasons I Love My Husband

28 Jul
In all the fighting we had last month, I decided that I should, at some point, write down all the things I love about living with him.

I Love Living With Scott Because:

  • He pulls the blankets up in the middle of the night when I say I’m cold – even if it means that he has to get out of bed himself.
  • He makes me coffee in the morning when he’s home and actually waits until I’m in the kitchen before getting it ready so it doesn’t get cold.
  • He says that I have to get up to get the dogs in the morning, then gets up himself to do it for me so that I can sleep in.
  • He does laundry. LAUNDRY. I haven’t put laundry into the washer in months!
  • He does all the heavy lifting.
  • He does all the high reaching (hello, shorty here!)
  • He cuddles with me at night – I LOVE clinging onto biceps.
  • He makes an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously, his grilled cheese’s rock. He needs to become a gourmet grilled cheese maker.
  • His obsessive nature can be annoying at times, but other times (like during the BUY YOUR FRIENDS war we’ve got going on Myspace), it’s so cute!
  • He can play Pretty Pretty Princess and Barbies without being an ass about it.
  • He tries to make supper for the kids so that I can get some work done. I usually have to take over, but he tries!!
  • He can, and does, hold babies without feeling a bit worried about it.
  • His tools are scattered all over the house, and when he tries to find one I get to smirk (he always picks on me about being unorganized).
  • He doesn’t pick on my book selections (some historical romance books in my collection get mocked regularly by others).
  • He gives me the remote most evenings when we’re lying on the couch.

There are dozens of reasons I love living with Scott, and I just have to remember these things whenever we have a huge blowout (over nothing, might I add). We’ve been doing really well, but I figured that writing down all the positive things may help overcome the negativity that occasionally pops up in my head.

What? Write a list about the positive things about myself? Not. Happening.


2 Responses to “Reasons I Love My Husband”

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