Some Days…

29 Jul
  1. Broken fucking Kodak camera (Kodak, how I loathe you).
  2. Hubby who says we can’t buy a new digital SLR (even the cheap one! I’m happy with a Canon!)
  3. Wake up to a total fuck up at work this morning – yes, it was my fault. Yes, I’m working on fixing it, but it’s fucked up my schedule ROYALLY.
  4. Nasty ass tuna fish this afternoon. Seriously, tuna can go bad in the can?
  5. Grammy will probably miss soccer – she said she wanted to go to one of the games. It’s been three weeks. His last two games are tonight and tomorrow night. She’s not coming tonight, and tomorrow night RAIN has been predicted, so we’ll probably cancel. *sigh* I give up there.
  6. Bad sex last night. Dude, is there anything worse than bad sex? Seriously?
  7. Cops stopping by the house – apparently there was a break-in across the road at the car fixing place. He was just here asking if we’d heard anything, but seeing a cop sitting in your driveway? Not. Good.

In short? Randi has had a rotten day and is on the verge of either screaming in the middle of nowhere, or sitting down and bawling.


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