Forbidden Wednesday – Miracle Massager Review

30 Jul

Every Wednesday I will be reviewing sex toys from the fabulous VibeReview! You can find this sex toy, along with tons of other great ones, at their website.

Let’s get one thing straight here and now: I am a vibrator girl. I wasn’t always one, however. Before I met Scott (dammit, first I have to thank him for lube, and now for vibrators! Argh!), I had never tried a vibrator. He convinced me to purchase one and to give it a go, and it has been lust at sight ever since. My first assumption was that vibrators all had to be battery operated. I mean, it’s just easier that way, right? After I tried my first one, I decided, very quickly, that my toy chest would never be without a battery powered vibrator.

I had seen pictures of this thing called the Hitachi Magic Wand, but had never tried one. The reviews I’d read said that it was the next best thing to multiple orgasms, but again, I figured that a vibrator, or massager, as they say in the industry, that plugged in couldn’t be any better than a vibrator that had batteries in it, right?

You know, in most cases, I hate being wrong, but in this specific instance, I couldn’t be happier about being wrong.

I received the Miracle Massager from VibeReview and was immediately entranced by its smooth contours and by its very unique design. A vibrator that actually seemed to contour gently down instead of being straight and rigid? How intriguing! Unfortunately the two little monsters whom I love dearly were running around, so I couldn’t give the toy a shot just yet. On a quick side note, I must say how happy I was with not only the fast shipping from Vibe Review, but also for the fact that the toys all came in a plain white box with no names of the company on it. Thanks VibeReview! Now my UPS guy can remain blissfully unaware of how much of a sex addict I truly am!

Back to the toy – the minute the kiddos were in bed and fully asleep, I DRAGGED my husband to the bedroom. We had a few other toys to try, so we each decided we’d select one toy to try for the evening. He chose the Doggie Style Strap (which is deserving of a post of its own and most certainly will get one), while I chose the Miracle Massager.

After some playing around with the strap, he grinned and plugged in the massager. I gave it a whirl and, all exaggeration aside, instantly had my heels thumping the mattress and my neck arched back so far I thought later that I may have strained something.

Yes, it’s that good.

I have changed my mind about massagers. Not only will I always have a battery powered massager in my toy chest, I will also always have a plug in massager as well, and am hoping that the Miracle Massager lasts as long as some of the other reviews say it does (although with all the usage its getting, I’ll probably need a new one in a few months!)

Now for the rundown:

PROS: Oh by all that is good and delicious, this massager has got enough power to make even someone who has a hard time achieving orgasm see fireworks behind their eyelids in record time. Seriously! I dare you to get one and see how fast you can make yourself orgasm.

CONS: If you’re looking for a quiet vibrator, this may not be the toy for you. This massager has definitely got some power, and it sounds it when you turn it up and get going. But what’s a little noise compared to a seriously divine sexual experience? Just make sure that everyone in the house is asleep and you’ll be all set!


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