Fun at Soccer

30 Jul

Okay, I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I have to say – I think I’m getting better at taking photos (which is why it SUCKS that my camera isn’t working properly). Ahem. Anyway, I’m having a great deal of fun taking photos of tons of different things – as you can see at my flickr acct, and I’m actually experimenting quite a bit. For instance, take this pic of Toad from tonight’s game:

It’s clear, in focus, the color is good, and the ball is actually NOT BLURRY. Yeah, I’m totally impressed. What shocked me the most, however, was this next pic:

I’m not usually a fan of people who twist their cameras a strange way to get a weird looking pic, but I got bored and decided to try it tonight – holy crap! The colors in the sky – they are beautiful! The shadows, they offset the darker colors on the top left hand side! Dare I say that I’m becoming an actual artiste?

Nah – I just love taking strange pictures that make people look at me and ask “wtf are you doing?”


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