Babygirl Takin’ Photos

1 Aug

Babygirl has been snagging her brother’s camera (the expensive one that Santa got him 2 years ago that he NEVER USES) and has been taking tons of pics lately. She brought it with her to a bunch of soccer games, and it kept her entertained the entire hour.

I love this camera. Seriously. It’s a little digital and is INDESTRUCTIBLE. It’s been dropped, kicked, and sat on, and it still takes digital pics. There are, however, a few tricks with it. First of all, you have to have a decent amount of light in order to take pics that aren’t too dark. If you don’t have enough light, they don’t come out very well. Secondly, there’s no zoom, so what you see is what you get. But for a little digital camera that is INDESTRUCTIBLE (did I mention that?) it works beautifully!

What intrigues me the most about the kids taking pics with this camera is seeing things from their point of view. Remember the pic I took the other day that had the artistic soccer field? Apparently, unbeknownst to me, Babygirl took a very similar picture shortly after I took mine:

I always forget how short she is. For instance, our dog, Duke, is not that small of a dog. He’s about 56 lbs and is considered to be a “medium” sized dog. He comes up to about my knee or a bit over that. But for Babygirl, he’s right about eye level…

It’s easy to see that Babygirl and Toad also tend to have their own little language. They seem to know what each other is feeling fairly frequently, and often have a better time playing together than they do playing with either of us! Toad is a very serious kid, but with his baby sister, he can laugh a little…

Then there’s the times that I’m just not there, like this morning. Her shots let me see what she sees when I’m not around:

Please ignore the total mess in the kitchen – I wasn’t awake yet! Okay, so the kitchen is still a mess, but at least the cupboard doors are shut – I hate open cupboard doors.

I’ve started a whole little set called Kids Eye View on my flickr acct that will include only photos taken by the kiddos – it’s definitely a unique way to view the world!


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