Neighbor’s Garden

2 Aug

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Blueberries, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

Have I ever told you that I have a black thumb? I actually have two. I honestly am not capable of growing anything that has any type of green anywhere on it. I’ve killed African Violets, Cacti, and a whole garden (or two).

That’s probably why I marvel in my neighbors garden. She truly has a green thumb, and even though she often has to start her garden late, everything grows beautifully!

I took a few pictures while we were visiting her garden yesterday (which you can see on the flickr acct) and even though I don’t like to grow gardens, and don’t care to eat a lot of the stuff IN a garden, I apparently love taking pictures of one. All of the lush colors were just so wonderful!

I especially loved taking photos of this blueberry bush. She’s got a few blueberry bushes near her garden that she ropes off, and Scott and I believe that she has them as much to give our kiddos a treat as to enjoy them herself. I managed to get a picture of this ripe blueberry before Babygirl snagged it off the bush and popped it into her mouth.

I am having a bad start to my weekend. This morning Babygirl had a problem with something, and I asked her to wait a minute until Dad came upstairs. Toad turned around a minute later and said, “you don’t have to wait for dad. Mom doesn’t have to work on her computer all day. She can do it. She can take care of her kids.”

This was all said in a fairly spiteful tone. And, of course, I have TONS of work to do today, so that I can clear myself up a bit to take them to swimming lessons for the next two weeks. *sigh* sometimes I can never get ahead in any area of my life.


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