What Happened to Scary Movies?

3 Aug

Scott and I spent part of his vacation watching scary movies on the weekend. See, I love scary movies, but I’ve gotta be in the right frame of mind to watch them. Apparently, the last two weekends both Scott and I were in the right frame of mind. So we hit the former Blockbuster (they got bought out because apparently Blockbuster didn’t want to stay in our small area), and grabbed up four supposedly “scary” movies.

What happened to scary movies?! I can remember watching movies where I’d be having nightmares for days afterwards, but these four? Not so much. I’ll review them in the order we watched them:

The first movie we watched was Shutter. My SIL used to watch Dawson’s Creek, when Joshua Jackson was known as Pacey – because of this my husband ALWAYS calls him “Pasty”. As in us at the video store and him shouting, “Hey babe! Let’s get this horror movie with Pasty in it!”.

Shutter? Not so good. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was definitely watchable, but it was kind of boring. There was one scene that scared me, and that’s only because I don’t like the dark, and I did like the idea behind it, but it was easy to figure out what had happened far before they actually told you what had happened.

Scott and I watched Hostel and really liked it – both the idea and the gross factor. So when we saw Hostel 2 on top of the shelf, we snagged it. Before we watched it, a friend said that it wasn’t as good as the first one. I wholly agree. Hostel 2 was definitely nowhere near as good as Hostel, and there was only one or two gross parts – but even these parts weren’t enough to make me wince (one spot made Scott wince, but it’s a guy thing).

My SIL watched The Ruins and came down the next day, filled with stories from the movie. As she very rarely talks about movies she likes, I was actually pretty interested to see this movie that I’d never even heard of. We watched the movie and – here’s a hint – if you’re staring that that guy with blonde curly hair and can’t figure out who he is, he played Iceman on X-Men! Yeah, we spent the whole time watching the movie going, “who is that guy?!” Also, the brown haired girl in the movie? She was the daughter in Step-Mom.

I guess it shows something that we were more focused on figuring out who the actors were than on the story. The idea behind the story? Very good. The execution? Not so much. There were definitely very few scary parts to this movie. One or two “gory” parts, but scary? Not so much. Come to think of it, even the gore wasn’t that bad – nothing we haven’t seen before.

Who doesn’t like, or at least respect, the Lost Boys? We knew that they were making The Lost Boys 2 after Scott watched that horrible reality show featuring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. The one interesting thing is that Corey Haim, who was supposed to be shooting the movie, was nowhere to be found. He had a bunch of issues during the shooting, and apparently they chose to just cut out his part entirely.

This movie was a tiny bit fun, but ONLY because I got to see Corey Feldman acting again. His part, however, is not big enough to make the movie that good, and this is one movie that both of us agreed that we could absolutely have missed out on.

Seriously, what happened to scary movies?! Are we just becoming too jaded, or are we just not grabbing the right movies? Have you watched any truly scary movies lately?!


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