Oh ER, We Meet Again

4 Aug

Last night, around 4:30 or so, found my husband dragging my ass to the ER. Why? Because he was convinced that I had a UTI.

The results?

I had a kidney infection. Lucky me!

I’m all right, and thanks for my visit I got some holes in my arms and hands, a plastic bracelet, and some lovely antiobiotics!

This morning we headed up to Babygirl and Toad’s first swimming lessons. Toad did great! He got right in there and gave everything a try with a smile on his face.

Babygirl, however…

She required ME getting in the water with her next to 2 20-something year old’s with tiny waists and big smiles. I could hate her for that.

Once she got going, she was fine, but apparently Mommy is going to have to go in the water with her every day for 2 whole weeks.

I guess I’ll learn to love the smell of cholorine on my skin…


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