Toy Run

9 Aug

More Bikes, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

First thing’s first – I’m out of the hospital! YAY! I was in until Friday morning, and then was released and given oral antibiotics. The cheap, $10 bottle of antibiotics? Randi is apparently allergic to! The $60 bottle of antibiotics? Randi can take…dammit. But anyway, I’m home with instructions to rest and drink for the weekend.

So today the way we chose to “rest” was to head to the Toy Run of 2008. Every year the Shriner’s hospital is happy to have bikers from around New England (and even further), who gather and drive together into the state capital of VT, Montpelier. They then take the toys they’ve driven down with (everything from stuffed animals to bicycles and games and more) and place them on the steps of the state building. These toys then go to Shriner’s hospitals around the world for children who need them.

We didn’t do too much – we did walk around a bit, at a farmer’s market and we also took a tour of the state capital (because we were really, REALLY early on accident). It was good for the kids to learn about how our government works (poorly) and where the laws are made. Other than that, though, my ass sat around under the shade and watched the kiddos play.

I had a lot of fun taking photos!!! You’ll have to check them out on the flickr acct under the “Toy Run 2008” logo (or by just clicking the linkage…)

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