Catching Up, and a Book Review!

12 Aug

Depending on what day/hour you visited, you saw any number of different templates on this blog. This has been my headache since yesterday morning. Finally, FINALLY I found one that not only looks good and has the things I want but that also works well for the blog. There are still a few glitches and issues, but what do you think?

Okay, there are a few things I need to do to clean house – things have been crazee since I went into the hospital (for one stinkin’ night…more on that in a day or two). But one thing I have to do is the book review that I promised Jaime I’d do on Friday (sorry about the delay Jaime!)

The book I received to review was Copper Fire which is a sequel to Copper Star, both written by Suzanne Woods Fisher. When I first received the book, I actually had few hopes for it. I love to read, and I enjoy reading a variety of different genres, but I tend to stay away from anything that has the words “Christian” and “literature” in them. I have my own beliefs and have found most of those types of novels to be extremely preachy, which just puts me off the story.

The synopsis of this book? This follows the story of Louisa, whom readers met in the first book, a woman who was involved in the Resistance Movement in Germany in the 1940’s. In the first book, Louisa fled to Arizona in order to save herself. There she falls in love with Reverend Robert Gordon, who has had some ties to the war himself. The two marry and Louisa settles down to live with Robert, his aunt, and his deaf and adorable seven year old son, son William. That is the end of Copper Star, and where Copper Fire begins.

In Copper Fire, Louisa receives a telegram which says that her cousin, Elisabeth, has been released from Dachau, and who needs a home. Louisa travels to Germany in order to retrieve her, and that is where the real fun begins.

Once Elisabeth comes home, you truly begin to understand exactly how those who survived concentration camps were affected. Elisabeth hordes food, steals things, and generally is very un-loving at every turn. Louisa not only has to deal with Elisabeth, but has to handle a few other interesting twists that are thrown her way.

I have to say that this novel truly threw me for a loop at every turn. To begin with, it wasn’t preachy at all, but you could see the author’s devotion to The Lord in Louisa, who has the faith that she will be strong enough to endure, and that she can change things simply by being strong.

What I thoroughly enjoyed about this novel were the characters. Ms. Fisher introduces many different types of characters, from serious ones to humorous ones, and manages to bring them all to life amazingly well. You come to care for all of the characters, and, if you’re like me, find yourself wondering about Aunt Martha’s past, or what exactly goes on when William enters school. Whenever I am curious about the things that the author doesn’t write about, I consider the characters complete.

The story itself was great. There were a few things I actually wished Ms. Fisher wrote more about! For instance, I would love to have read more about Louisa’s experience when she returned to Germany, and more scenes between Robert and Louisa would have been ideal, but all in all, the story flowed extremely well and was very enjoyable to read!

My Opinion: This is a definite great read and gets high praise from me, not just because it was a good story, but because it’s shown me that not all Christian literature has to be preachy, and that it can leave you feeling good about the human race and about yourself without having to rely on scripture. Thank you, Ms. Fisher, for the wonderful read and for introducing me to what good Christian literature looks like!


One Response to “Catching Up, and a Book Review!”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws August 12, 2008 at 11:05 pm #

    wow.. you really HAVE changed things around. Love the red leather couch! šŸ˜‰

    Glad you are back and I’m sure you get a free pass for being late on your book review. I mean, you WERE in the hospital after all!!

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