My Thighs BURN

16 Aug

I seriously had the best birthday EVER. It began as I told you, with a wonderful phone call and a cute Happy Birthday note. The day, however, just got better.

Toad and Babygirl had their final swimming lessons yesterday, and halfway through the lesson, the instructors made things really fun by turning on the waterworks in the kiddie area and switching on the slide! Both kiddos had a blast playing in the water, and while there was some crying when Toad discovered that he could only go down the slide twice, and when Babygirl learned that she couldn’t go down the slide with me, but she REALLY REALLY wanted too, and was too scared to go by herself, she cried too, but eventually they both stopped crying and had a blast.

Then I got some groceries, visited with the sperm donor (more on that later, because it was seriously Twilight Zone material), and headed home. When I got there, I opened the garage door to find a dozen differently colored roses waiting for me – so sweet!

The Cousin was also there and helped to bring in the groceries. Okay, if the Cousin is there, it means that she’s babysitting. We killed time until 1:30, when Scott whisked me into the van and put the blindfold on me.

The things he forced me to do made my butt ache and my thighs burn! It jostled me more than I’ve been jostled in a LONG time, and I’m desperate to do it again!

Now get your mind out of the gutter and think about what else you can do that would cause your thighs and buttocks to ache and that will jostle the crap out of you.

He took me horseback riding!

I love horses, and my one HUGE goal (other than keeping my kids alive and not damaging them too horribly) is to eventually own a horse. Scott arranged for us to take a trail ride at a place that isn’t too far away from here. Two pretty little white horses were saddled up – mine was named Gidget, and two guides got on their beautiful horses to make sure that we didn’t fall and sue them. It was almost as much fun watching Scott bounce around as it was bouncing around myself!

We rode for about an hour and had a LOT of laughs during the ride. So many that my voice was actually hoarse afterwards! My only regret? We forgot to take pictures! Scott had stashed the camera in the van but we never got around to taking pics with it! Dammit!

Then we came home and went to pick up the cake. We drove down to my mothers and had pizza, cake, and alcohol on the back deck, laughing more with some of her friends and where I got to open my presents from the kiddos (a Garfield stuffed cat from the Garfield lover, Toad, and a horse statue from the horse lover, Babygirl LOL).

I came home, played some Boom Blox after the kiddos went to bed, and got a body massage from Scott before I passed out.

Seriously? The best day ever.


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