We Went to the Animal Fair…

17 Aug

Guess where we went yesterday? The county fair! The county fair comes to our area once a year, and it used to be a total gyp. You used to have to pay admission fees as well as parking fees, so we stopped going. It got taken over, however, and now you pay just one price for entrance and get to ride all the rides. Of course, you still have to pay out the nose for food and games, but what’s the fair without street hawkers and annoying men trying to make you throw rings around bottles?

Our first top? The animal area!

Babygirl loves horses.

Then we did some slide riding!

Babygirl looks like she’s enjoying that slide. But is she really?

Hmmm…maybe not so much. She did, however, keep going on it, over and over again, so apparently she liked it more than I thought she did!

Babygirl isn’t much of a rider. Toad, however, is, which I find very odd because neither of his parents enjoy riding on fast rides. Actually, I’m okay with the round and round motion, but going up high scares the sanity out of me. This ride? This ride I’m fine with:

Am I the only one who finds that monkey slightly creepy??

All in all, we had a great night. Riding rides, eating food…

(That is one of my newest favorite photos)

And getting faces painted!!

It was a nice break from the monotony of things, and I was kind of sad to leave! I’d forgotten how much I love the fair! You can see all the photos deemed worthy enough on the fair set.


2 Responses to “We Went to the Animal Fair…”

  1. Cinnkitty August 18, 2008 at 2:48 pm #

    ha..ha..ha.. that look on BG’s face is PRICELESS!!!

  2. PinkPiddyPaws August 18, 2008 at 8:52 pm #

    oh.. and yeah.. that damn monkey is CREEPY!!!

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