Forbidden Wednesdays – Speak Love/Make Love

20 Aug

Every Wednesday I will be reviewing sex toys from the fabulous VibeReview! You can find this sex toy, along with tons of other great ones, at their website.

I’ve always been intrigued by sex board games. They just look like fun to me! The problem, however, is that many of these such board games are extremely boring, and often wind up being more cheesy than enjoyable. The game Speak Love/Make Love, however, seemed very unique when compared to the other games on the Vibe Review site. It didn’t focus on trying to show couples different ways to make love, but rather talked about enhancing a relationship experience.

The game arrived and I couldn’t wait to tear into it. Scott, however, was not as intrigued with the game as I was. It actually took a few weeks before I could talk him into playing the game, and he definitely came into it very skeptical and more to humor me than anything else. His opinion, however, changed fairly quickly.

We set the game up in the living room last night (no kiddos!) and checked out the board. It’s definitely different than most board game boards out there. This board lies flat, but halfway across it the board splits up, creating one solid half and another half that, itself, is cut in half (try saying that 5 times fast). You move your little pawn along the board, and whenever you hit one of the Speak Love/Make Love icons, you flip the movable piece of the board down or back. Basically you go from talking about your relationship and desires to acting them out. Each of you plays on a different side of the board, so it is entirely possible for one partner to be telling all about their feelings while another is having to act out intimate maneuvers.

You start on the Speak Love side, and there are definitely some interesting assignments on that side of the board. Here are a few examples:

• Share with your partner 4 unique or special qualities that you love about them.
• Ask your partner what is romantic to them.
• If there were one wish that your partner could grant you, what would it be?

We actually found ourselves giggling in between the questions, but getting very serious whenever we answered an especially poignant question.

Then it happened. I had to flip over to the Make Love side. My first task? “Kiss your partner a good-bye kiss”. That wasn’t what I expected, but I went ahead and did it. Oh my. Scott’s reply? “You need to say good-bye more often.”

Some of our favorite Make Love tasks?

• Give your partner 3 different kisses – one sensuous, one erotic, and one passionate on the lips.
• With your non-writing hand, gently explore your partner’s back.
• Using your lips, mouth, and tongue, make love to your partner’s ears, neck, and face.

We quickly discovered how much you learn about each other thanks to this game. We’ve been together for 9 years, and thought we knew exactly what our partner liked when it came to romance and lovemaking. We both thought wrong. I was astounded that Scott enjoyed being kissed so much on his ears, neck, and face, and he was surprised when I chose the sensuous kiss as my favorite (that wasn’t part of the game, but I had to give my opinion, right?)

We definitely learned a LOT about each other playing this game, which is something I absolutely did not expect to occur. After almost a decade together, we figured we knew each other inside and out. We were wrong. All too often, we don’t take the time to tell someone how we truly feel about them. We may say, “I love you”, but we don’t explain why we love them, or what we love about them. This game opens up all of the doors and slowly (but surely) breaks down all the barriers. This is the type of game you keep in your closet and bring out whenever the two of you are feeling at all insecure about your relationship.

The Pros: An absolutely amazing game. We will definitely be playing this one again, very soon, and will be hoping to hit on some of the many different tasks that we didn’t get to do last time (the “tell your partner one thing in lovemaking that you would like to try – try it now” task was where we finished the game very enjoyably…). I’d recommend this game over therapy, at least for couples who are just feeling insecure, as it is full of positivity and helps you to connect to your loved one in a very sweet and endearing way. I wonder if Romantic Rondezvous, which is made by the same company, is as good as this game was!

The Cons: Eventually we’re going to have done it all on the game, and while I’ll still want to play it, I kind of wish that they’d come out with a second version! And then maybe a third…and a fourth…


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  1. Emily September 16, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    I love love it’s so good

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