Second Grade and Diaries

21 Aug

Toad started his first day of second grade today! Why is it that second grade feels so much more like “real school” than first grade did?? I don’t know, but it’s driving me nutz! Fortunately Scott’s home, so at least I have a strong shoulder to cry on. He’s taking me and Babygirl out for breakfast this morning, and I think my tears will dry up when I order Eggs Benedict.

No tears can withstand Eggs Benedict.

We were cleaning out some toys yesterday to put in the big yard sale going on in a few weeks (yes, there will be pictures) when we found my old diary! It was buried underneath a bunch of stuff. I figured I’d put up a post every once in awhile to show you how young and truly naive I was! I’m also leaving the spelling EXACTLY as I found it! Check this out:

“August 14, 1994 (I was one day away from turning 15),

I found a few things out today. 1. We’re going to the fair at the end of the month. 2. My mom has PMS that lasts 3 weeks out of the month (that explains alot!), and 3. she got me a pamphlet about contraceptives. And sex. I finally found out what oral sex is! It’s using your mouth on sexual organs. Another words, a blow job.

I can’t believe that I’ll be 15 tomorrow. That’s why this diary is dated August 15, but I got it at my party. D’s holding a sleepover party for us. It’ll be fun. At least E won’t be there. I mean, I like her, but she can be very, very annoying at times. She’s always arguing about everything! But, oh well, everybody’s got to have something to do, huh? I do. I’ve just started the latchwork kitty and T and D gave me.

Well, since you’re new, I’ll tell you a little about myself. My name is Randi Lee and I’ll be 15 at 4:31 PM. My father is Snake and my mother is D. My parents divorced a long, LONG time ago. I dunno, I guess some would say I never got over it, but I couldn’t even venture a guess. I’m still a virgin, and I guess I’m proud of it. I want a boyfriend, but I want true love too.

He felt me up and left me. But I’ve never kissed anyone. Oops! Sorry. CMTM is the guy who felt me up and left me. Well, enough about me. You’ll hear alot of the next year!

143 Always,
Randi Lee”

And what did we learn from this? We learned that young Randi was extremely naive. We learned that she had serious issues with her father (well, at least one thing hasn’t changed), and we learned that she said she was proud of being a virgin, when really she just wanted “true love”. MWA HA HA HA – sorry – it makes me laugh.

Should I keep posting an entry every once in awhile? Trust me – they get juicier, as Randi eventually gets her first boyfriend! Yipes!!


3 Responses to “Second Grade and Diaries”

  1. God's Rock Angel August 21, 2008 at 1:25 pm #

    This is the second blog I have read with someone posting from their teenage diary!!!!

    It’s funny because often the age gap between me and some of the blogs I read give different perspectives.

    August 1994 I was 8! My cousin Tubi would have been about 8 months old and my brother would have just had his 6th birthday.

    I’d be about to start Year 4 – which I would later hate – although not as much as Year 6 (long story!) I’d have my first “boyfriend” (if at aged 8 you can really have a proper boyfriend when all you do is hold hands in the playground! lol)

    I think I might dig out my first diary and post some of those stories – if it’s not stealing your idea?!

  2. Michele August 21, 2008 at 2:41 pm #

    ha! I like your 15 year old interpretation of the phrase “In other words” as “Another words”. *snort* It reminds me of my 15 year old self spelling pregnant as “pregnet” over and over again in Haylie’s baby book!

  3. Jenera August 21, 2008 at 5:42 pm #

    I love it!!! I almost want to dig mine out…almost. I shudder when I think of some of the things I’ve written over the years, lol.

    Keep ’em coming!

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