Squid Jerky

22 Aug

I’ve gotta tell you, living in northern VT does not expose you to many different cultures. I’ve been to NYC, and it was so cool to be able to go to Little Italy and Chinatown. How amazing to have those cultures right around your neck of the woods (or a short, expensive cab ride away). Even a bit further south in VT you’ve got places that server actual Dim Sum and delicacies from other countries. Here, however, we’ve got Wendys, McDonalds, a pizza place, and an Americanized Chinese buffet. That’s about it. I can count the colored people I know on one hand and it’s not because I’m racist, but because there simply aren’t many people of color in Northern VT! Because of this, we are severely lacking cuisine-wise.

Thank God for my neighbor.

I never use real names on here, so we’ll call my neighbor Yoko (I seriously called her this for about 2 years because I couldn’t remember her name).

Yoko was born and raised in Japan and only moved to the US when she was an adult and married an American. She primarily lives in CA but has a house up the road from us and has been staying there more and more. She’s the one who owns the beautiful garden that I have been taking photos of.

Yoko is extremely, super-de-duper nice. So nice, in fact, that I always worry someone’s going to take advantage of her! She also likes to bring us food – especially healthy food. Or what she considers to be healthy.

Meet Mr. Squid. Hi Mr. Squid! Yoko has been telling us for weeks that she wanted us to try Mr. Squid, but the time never presented itself. It did tonight. Tonight Yoko grabbed the squid out of his little comfy package in the fridge and spread him out all pretty for us. His spindly little tentacles…his freakish backbone. She even gave us an anatomy lesson and taught us how Mr. Squid swims in the ocean! Then she broke the tentacles off and shoved his head part (and later his tentacles) into the microwave and nuked him. Here’s what Mr. Squid looked like after he met Mr. Microwave.

Poor Mr. Squid.

Yoko then proceeded to cut up the tentacles and the head part and urged us adults to give it a try (while giving the children popcorn…traitors).

Did we try it? Oh yes, we did. I’ve gotta say, the tentacle part? Not half bad. The only problem, however, is that I was still tasting it in my mouth FOUR HOURS LATER. Yeah, that wasn’t so much fun. It apparently is extremely high in protein and is very, VERY good for you.

Ahh yes, the other treat she brought out of the fridge. Hi little freaky, beady-eyed Anchovy jerky! How are you? Oh, I’m fine. Sure, I’ll take a closer peek at you.

Hmmm…yes, I tried squid. No, I’m sorry Anchovies, I’m not sticking you in my mouth? Why? Well, you have a head…and eyes…and you look like the fish that we won at the fair last weekend.

Scott, however, did try it. His response?

“Tastes like fish…fish jerky.”

Thanks for the description Captain Obvious.

Bless our neighbor. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have a huge baggie full of Squid Jerky sitting in my fridge all cut up and waiting for unsuspecting friends or relatives to drop by…


2 Responses to “Squid Jerky”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws August 22, 2008 at 3:07 am #

    UGH!! Gross…gross..gross!! I mean, I’m proud of you for trying it and all.. but NASTY! ewwww…
    It’s not like eating a Muffellata and burping 3 days later to still taste it. That is a good thing. Burping Squid 4 hours later? NOT GOOD!

    And I’m with you — I don’t eat anything that still has a head attached to it. (no smart ass comments about blow jobs, thank you very much!)

  2. Finn August 22, 2008 at 4:03 pm #


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