Goodbye Right Arm

24 Aug

Something absolutely horrible has happened. I went to my grandmother’s house to choose the things I wanted before the yard sale occurs next weekend, and when I came home, my laptop was….was…


Okay, so the blue screen of death wasn’t on it, but it wouldn’t connect to the internet! This is horrible!! I NEED my computer and I NEED internet access! That’s my JOB!

I called HP and apparently it’s a problem with a lot of the computers made at that point in time. The motherboard and the wireless adaptor fit together like a cat and a dog, and the adaptor winds up being destroyed after a time.

The tech guy was great, and said that I could absolutely get a wireless adaptor card…but that the motherboard was faulty and that if I chose to go with a card, the day could occur when my computer refused to turn on at all.


So I’m strapped to the desktop again while the laptop takes a trip to get fixed. Apparently they’re putting a new hard drive and wireless adaptor in it, which means it’ll be just like getting a new computer without a new casing.

I still miss my laptop and cried for it this afternoon! COME BACK LAPPY!!


One Response to “Goodbye Right Arm”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws August 25, 2008 at 1:54 am #

    Oh noez!!! That’s awful! Between you and Dee, it’s been a rough computer week. So sorry to hear it sweetie! But, at least you HAVE a desktop!

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