Long Filling Weekend

25 Aug

Wow, did we have a long weekend. Let me start out by saying that most weekends in my house consist of playing around, eating food, and watching TV. This weekend, however, was a very eventful one. Aside from my laptop breaking (I’m getting a portable hard drive today and a new keyboard…the keyboard on the desktop HURTS MY FINGERS!!), we had TWO parties to go to. I feel popular! We also had RG (respite girl) with us for the weekend. This weekend she did great, and if her mom didn’t love her so much, I would totally adopt her.

Okay, moving on.

Starting on Sat afternoon, my step-dad had his annual BBQ. He has 3 daughters (aside from me) and he likes everyone to get together once a year. The only problem? Not all of us get along…and by this I mean that I clash with 2 out of the three. However, I not only put my issues aside, I also volunteer our house, as it’s one of the bigger ones out of the lot (and the other girls live a good hour away). This year, however, only 1 of the step-sisters came. One had a prior engagement, and she’s the nice one, so I totally believe her. The other, however, said that this was the “only time” that they could go school shopping. Uh huh. More like they heard at the last get together (which I wasn’t at, thank you very much) that her boyfriend is a little Hitler to their children and that everyone hates him.

Yes, I hate him. Yes, he’s a dictator. Picture a guy who likes to abuse his animals with a smarmy moustache and a shoe fetish (his OWN shoes). That’s him.

We had fun anyway. The step-sister that came has five children (LONG story) and we got them playing around a bit on the Wii. We even got grammy and grampa boxing on the wii! They’ve learned that it’s a great way to get out marital frustrations…

After that was done, we chilled out for about an hour and a half, packed up the bug spray and warmer clothes, and headed to “camp”, where we were to celebrate Nephew’s marriage to his new wife. The very private wedding took place in March – the celebration was this past weekend.

I still don’t get that.

Anyway, they had tons of 4 wheelers there, so all of the kiddos got a ride.

My brother-in-law likes to see exactly how many kids he can fit on a 4 wheeler at once without killing any of them. I think there’s four kiddos in this one, but there could be five…or even six. He’s been known to sneak children in his pocket and whisk them away.

Ahhh yes, the “newlyweds”. I had to include a picture of them, right? If only to show how fancy we get when we cut cake here in the boondocks of VT!

Yup. Fancy. But hey, that’s what they wanted and that’s what they got.

I do wish them all the best and hope that their marriage is a long and fruitful one.

Does anyone ever say “fruitful” anymore aside from me? Probably not ;).

Now I’m gonna head down south to the “big city” in order to get my portable hard drive *still sobbing* and a new keyboard.

And how was YOUR weekend?


One Response to “Long Filling Weekend”

  1. Jenera August 27, 2008 at 4:12 pm #

    All in all sounds like it wasn’t too shabby.

    We had a quickie wedding ourselves without telling anyone but we had our party about a week or so later. Only we only had sheet cake, no layer cake.

    Anywho….the Wii is great for working through frustration, lol.

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