Bonding over the Wii

30 Aug

“Hey babe! I hope it’s okay, but I invited a few friends over for this Friday.”

Alright – considering I tell my best friend she can spend weekends here without ever telling him, I can’t complain.

The people he invited were old friends of ours. We’d had a falling out quite some time ago and we hadn’t talked in, well, forever. Scott and the husband work together, so they got to talking about getting together and, of course, about the Wii. He invited them up and they accepted.

They came up and it was almost as if the situation had been resolved. Almost. There was still some underlying tension, so we did everything we could to make things comfortable. We had some food, they met the dogs, and we tried to relax.

Then it came time to play the Wii.

The Wife isn’t much of a game player, but reluctantly agreed to try some bowling. And she laughed. And laughed. And laughed!

We played a bunch of different games, all the while listening to the kiddos staying up WAY too late in our bedroom watching TV, and they began to fall in love with the Wii. I figured it would be a good time to make some Mii’s for them (for the non-Wii player, a Mii is a character you design to look just like you. Or like Elvis, depending on who looks better). The Husband thinks that Scott’s Mii looks like Randy Marsh from South Park.

Okay, so he kinda does. Anyway, I figured that it would be hilarious to make their Miis. I wasn’t mistaken. Both the Wife and the Husband have infectious laughs. You know the kind – the type of laughs where you first stop and quirk your head and think, “wow – that’s a unique laugh”, and then find yourself, minutes later, laughing along with them. That’s the type of laughter they have.

The Husband laughed a bit when we re-created the Wife in Mii form, but he almost died laughing when we did his character. He laughed so hard, he stopped breathing for a moment. I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my cheeks.

I haven’t done that in a very, very long time.

It was really late when they left, and we’re still feeling a little tired today from our evening, but it was definitely fun. It was exactly what we needed and I hope that we can all remain friends again. Thanks Wii.


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