Chatting with the Hubby

11 Sep

There are a few things you need to know about my husband.

1. His command of the English language is…well…a bit different.

See, Scott was born and raised in Vermont, but he speaks what I’d like to call Scott Speak. My SIL and I both agree that occasionally you need a Scott-English language dictionary just to get what he’s saying.

2. His command of the English language gets even worse when it comes to writing/reading.

I’ve seen him read the word Elementary as elephant, and I think it’s a problem that was never diagnosed when he was a child. I’ve tried to figure out how to help him read better and to enjoy reading, but I just can’t seem to figure out what to do, and there’s the fact that I can’t force him to enjoy reading.

Anyway – the other night we were on the chat together. He’s recently begun using the MySpace IM that I left on the desktop while my laptop was at the doctors getting fixed. I’ve been trying to tell him for a LONG time that the IM would be easier to use at night than tramping back and forth down the hallway once the kids are in bed. So far it has worked beautifully – and the “argument” we had the other day was actually less painful than normal because we were able to discuss it over chat instead of raising our voices. Sometimes, however, I find out some interesting things about my husband thanks to the chat…

Me: Babygirl’s coughing

Scott: yeah just heard her

Me: see – this is a much easier way to communicate than YELLING down the hallway

Scott: yeah..way much..almost done here..gotta shower..I smell

Me: shower? I need to shower!

Me: and shave

Me: can you hang on for about 10 minutes or so?

Me: want a showering partner??

Scott: yup


Me: we haven’t had a shower together that was enjoyable in a long time!

Scott: saving myself

Me: for who??

Scott: you’ll see

Me: what, will someone be showing up tonight that I didn’t know about? Did you somehow get Brad Pitt to come here and have sex with me?!?!?!

Scott: noo..with me…

Me: You want Brad Pitt to have sex with you?!?!?!?!


One Response to “Chatting with the Hubby”

  1. Heidi September 12, 2008 at 3:13 am #

    You guys are so funny!

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