Some Photos

11 Sep

I’ve been so busy working lately that I haven’t posted up a few photos that I wanted to show you! Okay, first off is Babygirl on her first day of her last year of preschool – was that ever a mouthful. She wore this dress that we found at a yard sale (I am in love with this dress) and after this photo grabbed up our black cat and almost strangled her to death. She loves that cat.

Next up is this fun photo – which requires a slight explanation. After we got the freaky worm/caterpillar that we had to let go, the kiddos picked up some bug catching kits at the dollar store – hey, it was their money. Anyway, for a few days their main delight in life was to go out and get the strangest creatures they could find. One day Babygirl came home with this itty bitty toad – seriously, it was no bigger than your thumbnail! I loved this toad and made him a little house in the critter container we bought for the caterpillar – I even gave it a little bath…

That “bath” is the medicine cup part of a Pepto Bismol bottle. No, I don’t take Pepto – no, I don’t allow my kids to take Pepto, simply because my grandmother once said that her doctor told her he wouldn’t give Pepto to his dog. So we avoid Pepto – all except Scott, because HIS family believed in it, but let’s not get into that old battle. Moving on…

Most of the things the kiddos caught have been fairly harmless and cute. The last one Scott caught – and he was harmless, but defintely NOT cute…

Bleck. We only have one poisionous snake in VT – the Timber Rattler – and I’ve never seen one. Watch me get killed by one in a few days…


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