11 Sep

Babygirl is home today from preschool, as she had a 102.something degree fever last night (is the amount after the dot truly that important? I just see 102 and start to panic slightly). So she and I have agreed that we are having a PJ day.

I went to drop Toad off at school and noticed that the two kids whose responsibility it is to put the flag up outside every morning had done so but had left it at half-mast. My first question? “Who died?”

I then decided I would go home and see what dignitary or politician passed away that necessitated having the flag at half mast. Then I turned my computer on and remembered.

How could I have forgotten?

Do I get forgiven from forgetting simply because I hardly ever look at the date? Although I did remember that I looked at the date yesterday because I wrote a check and saw that it was the 10th. Do I get forgiven from forgetting because I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my children and my husband? Do I get forgiven from forgetting because I am constantly busy?


You may forgive me, but I refuse to forgive myself. There is no excuse. 2,998 lives were lost…they were:

  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • Aunts
  • Uncles
  • Children
  • Grandmothers
  • Grandfathers
  • Cousins
  • Husbands
  • Wives
  • Innocent
  • Heroes

Their loss should never be forgotten.

On the Brad Pitt blog I put up a tribute photo – here, however, I can not avoid the reality. I need to remember the stark reality of how difficult that day, and the many following it, truly were for so many people around the world. The terror that rushed through my body when I saw it happen. “This doesn’t happen in the United States“, I remember saying, over and over as I watched the second tower get hit.

But it did.

And it can again.

This is why it is vital that we remember those people who lose their lives, and that we cherish our family and friends and loved ones every day, because you never know when we will lose our loved ones, or when our loved ones will lose us.

I pray that the spirits and their loved ones find peace today and all days.


One Response to “Today”

  1. Finn September 11, 2008 at 3:25 pm #

    That last line was the first thing I said to myself as my eyes opened this morning.

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