Went to a Wedding

14 Sep

We went to a wedding yesterday. An old friend from High School – EK – was getting married. She was a beautiful bride – take a look:

Her gown was beautiful. But going to the wedding, and the reception, made me realize something: I don’t know that girl anymore. When we arrived at the wedding I looked around and, even though I was being seated in the bride’s section, realized I knew very few, if any, of the people sitting around me. See, EK moved away shortly after college and has a whole other life that I’m not a part of. She had her wedding here in Vermont but she no longer lives here. It made me sad, but I realize that people move on.

Something that made me happy, though, was K. K and EK were friends in graded school, long before I met either of them. I met K in high school and she became one of my best friends. To this date I only have a few “best” friends – three, to be exact. K is one of them. K and I had a huge fall out a few years ago but in the last few years we’ve come together again. She has a beautiful daughter and is expecting her first son in a few short weeks. (the sooner the better in her eyes, of course!)

There are so many things that I love about K. To begin with, she is extremely patient with me most of the time. I know that I’m not an easy women, but K is one of the few women that I can get along with, mainly due to her patience. She is also the first person willing to get into a debate with me who won’t get mad at the debate. So many people get ticked off when they debate, but K doesn’t – she points out her side and then listens to yours and then debates, and if you begin to butt heads she says, “whatever” and ignores you :).

K had a totally different life than I did – she has six siblings that she grew up with and I had none. She had both parents and I had one. She is an introvert and I’m an extrovert, yet we are able to be friends. I am extremely fortunate to count her as one of my beloved best friends.

Once I find/take pictures of my other two best friends, you will see how completely different all of my best friends are.


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