Sorry – Not Tonight Dear

18 Sep

Yes, I review sex toys. Yes, I LOVE reviewing sex toys. Do I want sex constantly?


Wait – what did Randi just say? Did she just say that she isn’t some sort of a nymphomaniac sex fiend?

So Scott and I have been together for a fairly long time. I know there are plenty of others who have been together longer, but for me, this is a very long time.

Now I think we do really well. I mean, there are times when we go a few days in between sweaty sessions on the sheets, but for the most part we do the bump and grind more then 3 times a week (which is, apparently, the average amount for a married couple).

Lately, though, I’ve been kind of out of it. I’ve been more in the mood to lay down and watch television than to do anything sexual. So how many days has it been since we’ve had sex?


Is the world ending? Of course not! But this is right around the point where I start to feel guilty – like I’m withholding sex from my husband (because we all know men will die if they don’t have sex frequently – kidding – kidding). Last night he was really ready to go. My response? Check the chat:

Me: I’m actually nervous about later tonight.
Scott: “smile”
Me: Seriously!
Scott: what’s wrong?
Me: Well, here’s the thing. I have tons of crap to do here. I’m tired. I want to get something unhealthy to eat and lay on the couch and watch tv.
Scott: okay…
Me: And I don’t want to have sex.
Scott: WTF?
Me: I know! I’m sorry! I’m just obsessed with thinking about how I don’t want to have it and it’s causing me serious issues. Yes, I know, I’m a moron.
Scott: let me worry about it. get your work done.

I knew, then, that he wasn’t going to let me get away with not “servicing” him last night. When I got done I IM’d him and let him know I was finished. I bypassed the snacks (I was too lazy to even think about it) and crawled onto the couch. I found some crappy television, allowed the dog to jump up on the couch and fell asleep.

Scott eventually came out and dragged me to bed.


But how sad is it that I’d rather have a long and fulfilling body massage than a mind-blowing orgasm right now? Does anyone else go through this on a regular basis?


3 Responses to “Sorry – Not Tonight Dear”

  1. Jenera September 18, 2008 at 9:13 pm #

    Well, you getting it three times a week is pretty awesome in my book, lol. I get sex about every 7-14 days. In fact I had sex the other night but it had been….wait for it….3 weeks since the time prior. That’s not the norm though.

    Granted my hubby is a trucker and gone a lot but even when he was home every night, once a week is our standard.

  2. Finn September 19, 2008 at 1:28 am #

    I think it’s normal to not want it sometimes. Just don’t stress about it.

  3. JM September 19, 2008 at 8:24 am #

    I reckon three times a week is pretty friggin’ good… but it’s normal to want a break from something even if it’s really good. Like Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream.

    *pout* I want junk food.

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