More from my Old Diary

19 Sep

You know, when I open myself up to the internet, I really open myself up! Here is another entry from my old diary – you’ll get a kick out of this one.

October 30, 1994

GUESS WHAT?! I’ve actually got a boyfriend! Scott S. He’s wicked cute, really sweet, altogether nice. You see, last Sat. when K was up, he and his parents had dinner at our house. The next Monday, after it was dragged out of me that I still like him, MM ran up to me and told me that he’d told her Sunday that he really liked me. I denied it until Tuesday, 10th period when he and EK put his picture up in my locker. That’s when I first talked to him.

I sort of avoided him Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday I asked him to E’s Halloween party. I was the “mystery meat” of the day and I told them to make sure to close the cover qiuck when I first saw him. Thank God, she did.

I sat next to him for awhile but I found some excuse to leave. Then, when he was in the doorway to the Smoking Lounge (side note – a smoking lounge during high school? WTF?) CC grabbed him to dance. he put his hand out ot me in a sort of plea and said, “Randi”.

We started out far apart, but somehow we wound up really close. You couldn’t tell where one of us ended and the other began. When the song “November Rain” was just beginning the piano solo, EK (who was dancing w/ J) poked us and said, “The song’s over guys”. I started to leave but his grip on my waist tightened and he said, “no, it’s not”. And we danced ’till the very last note of that damned song.

By that time I had the feeling that he really liked me, so I grabbed his hand and he held mine. We were like that for awhile in the living room when Chris said, “God Scott, I hpoe you’re not doing that on purpose.”

I couldn’t take it. I got up and left the room. When I saw Chris and J and some others coming out and Scott trying to find a place to put his jacket, I thought he was going to fight Chris! But he wasn’t. I told him that I really hated him, then he took me to dance again, I think just to spite Chris who was standing there watching.

Well, we were the couple of the night. We got our picture taken a few times. At one point, someone, I think Chris H, asked us if we were joined. It seemed like it! Everytime he was behind me, he grabbed my waist and would start swaying to the music. By the end of the night, everybody was asking me if we were going out. Technically, no, we weren’t.

While i was waiting for my mother, EK grabbed him and asked him why he didn’t ask me out. But then, I walked over to him and gave him a final hug because mom was there. After I left, he told EK that he was going to, but I left too soon. When EK told me this, I was ECSTATIC!

I have my first B-friend.


PS. I’ve stopped reading romance novels! I’ve got my own romance now! I don’t need to read about it anymore!

So what did we learn about Randi from this entry? That she is extremely romantic? That she’s a little delusional? That she’s a bit dramatic? That apparently she likes to date guys named Scott?! (and no, that Scott is NOT my Scott…thank God.)


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