Errands to Run, Baby to Cuddle

27 Sep

What did we do today? We did a lot of running. Let’s see, first we took Babygirl to her dentist appointment, where Mr. TattleTale told the doc that my tooth was starting to feel worse again. Traitor. The dentist wants me to call him if it gets worse and wants to see me in November when I’m due to get he medicated filling taken out and the new filling put back in – as long as the tooth isn’t fully dead yet. If it is, then we’ll have to talk about root canals. Lovely.

Then we loaded up with gifts and headed down to see my friend’s baby! I have, as I’ve said before, only a few really good friends in real life, and K is the one I’ve known the longest. Yesterday K had her second baby – her first son – S. Hmm…S needs a nickname. I’ll figure that out eventually.

Anyway, we headed down to see S and I definitely got my fill of baby…for a day or so anyway :). It was kind of difficult holding him, but it made it easier knowing that K knew how difficult it was for me, and that she was as sweet as she always is. Want to see how cute he is? Take a look!

S was born a healthy 8 lbs, 9 oz. and, so far, has been doing lots of sleeping. He felt all snuggly and warm in my arms and I love how he smelled like baby – in a good, non-poopy way.

The fun part of the visit was S’s big sister, Chickie. Chickie is turning 3 – tomorrow. So she gets to almost share a birthday with her new little brother. She kind of likes him, at least for now, and made sure to point him out to me…

She then settled down in the chair with her grandmother and held onto her baby brother for a little photo op. Isn’t she cute?

I know that K is worried about how she’s going to handle two children. She’s worried about how she’ll make sure that Chickie still gets all of the love she deserves now that S has arrived. She’s worried about the extra stress level that comes from raising an infant and a toddler.

But I know she’ll do fine.

As a mother who’s been there, done that with two children (and almost the same length apart as Chickie and S), I know that she’ll do it. Your heart doesn’t become crowded, but grows when you have more children to love.

And Chickie is a wonderful little girl. She’s warm and intelligent and a very sweet little girl, and now a very sweet and intelligent and warm big sister.


2 Responses to “Errands to Run, Baby to Cuddle”

  1. prissynotgirly September 27, 2008 at 11:49 pm #

    cutie cute cute!!

    she is beautiful … those eyes!!

  2. Jenera September 29, 2008 at 3:51 pm #

    Every where I go, babies are popping out! Except mine, lol.

    You’ve got an award over at my joint!

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