My Sunday

29 Sep

Sunday morning I was up by 7, dressed by 7:30, and out the door by 7:45 – admittedly not my typical Sunday morning. Where was I going? Boston. Why?

To see the New Kids On the Block!

Did you catch the VH1 Behind the Music: NKOTB Live! show last night? Yeah, I was there. That’s right – little old me who never gets to do anything remotely exciting as it pertains to the pop culture world. I was so there.

My bestest friend in the world bought me a ticket for the concert for my birthday, and then planned a whole day for me in Boston. She seriously rocks.

I got down there around 11 and she and her husband, M, were all set with plans. To begin with, we hit a huge mall…we have no malls in Northern VT, so it was great fun. I got Scott a shirt that has a bit yellow smiley face on it that says, “Boobies Make Me Smile” – perfect for him. I got Babygirl an Ariel shirt and Toad a light saber. We had a delicious lunch and then headed to another treat:


D had bought tickets for us to see Eagle Eye in an IMAX theater, and I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was amazing. The movie was good too!

Then it was off to the TD Banknorth to see NKOTB! They seriously rocked the house. I was screaming like a little school girl and was almost deaf at the end of the night! D and I stood up the entire time and were swaying with the music and singing along. And her husband M? M sat there and did his best to not fall asleep – he did admit later (reluctantly), that it was a good show and that they were great entertainers, even though it’s not his “thing” (ps M – I don’t think it’s any man’s thing unless they’re gay).

And what was up with the pregnant woman at the concert? I saw more pregnant women last night than I’ve seen in an entire year!

After the concert we had to wait a good little while to get out of the parking garage (Seriously TD Banknorth – $25 for parking? Are you ridiculous?!) but M saved the day by driving out the in ramp. He’s such a rule-breaker :).

I called Scott at 12:30 and told him I was headed home.

I popped a few NoDoz and did my best to not fall asleep. I wasn’t too worried for most of the trip, until I hit Franconia Notch. Franconia Notch is a very windy, one lane road that passes right in between some very large mountains. You’re not allowed to drive faster than 45 on it and you have to be very careful. During the daytime, it’s a BEAUTIFUL area. I have discovered, however, that at 2:30 am, the notch ain’t quite so pretty. The fog was so thick that I couldn’t see 3 feet in front of the car. Let’s add to the equation that I was really tired by this point and that it’s a great place to find Moose and you’ve got one freaked out Randi.

I eventually made it out of there. The other scary place came when I went past the exit for one town that I know and went past a second exit and realized that I had absolutely no recollection of the exit that came in between those two exits! Yikes! That was a good 20 mile or so stretch of road that my memory has blocked out. Can we say “exhausted”?

I got home at 4 am, dealt with the dogs and took a shower. I stashed the goodies I’d bought and kissed the kiddos on the forehead and then passed out in bed around 5.

Only to be awoken at 9:45 by the phone ringing. Dammit.

I’m still a bit tired but I will say on thing: the experience was absolutely and definitely worth it. I ahd one of the most enjoyable days (that didn’t include Scott or the kiddos) I’ve ever had and am so, SO grateful to D and M for not only making plans for me, but for driving me around and showing me an awesome time.


M and D driving me around Boston – they’re so awesome!

View of the bridge

M swore that he would deny he went to the concert – thanks to D’s cell phone we have photographic evidence! Sorry M :).

I kind of liked how this photo came out.

Me and D at the New Kids concert – I love ya D!!!


2 Responses to “My Sunday”

  1. Jenera September 29, 2008 at 6:05 pm #

    Sounds like you had a blast! Even with a scary ride home by yourself. Glad you made it there and back safely!

  2. PinkPiddyPaws September 30, 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    I’m so happy for you and SO proud of you for going! I know you had a great time, but I also know the journey was scary for you. Yay you!

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