Forbidden Wednesday – Pjur Woman

2 Oct

Sorry I’m a bit late on this one guys! Life has kicked me in the ass and I’m so behind that I feel like it’s Wednesday instead of Thursday! Anyway, here’s my Wednesday review from the lovely VibeReview!

The last time I tried out a lube from VibeReview, it was a water based lube and I absolutely loved it! Let me tell you something: any woman who says she doesn’t like lube hasn’t tried it. It’s like a man saying he doesn’t like to use one for pleasing himself – a total lie. Lube can make every day beautiful. I’m one of those women who tends to need it every time that I manage to get lucky with my husband.

The reason I wanted to try the Pjur Woman Bodyglide is because I wanted to see if there were any differences between a water based lube or a silicone based lube. The simple answer?

Yes. There are.

To begin with, the silicone based lube is quite a bit thicker than the water based lube. When we put the water based on, it was kind of hard to tell if it was there or not for a minute. With the Pjur, you knew that it was on there immediately.

The lube felt fine – maybe it’s because I’m apparently used to silicone based lube (until I tried using these I never looked twice at what the base of my lube was), but it felt similar to other lubes that I have tried that were silicone based. Scott actually said he felt that it desensitized him a bit the times we used it, which it shouldn’t have because it’s not a desensitizing lube, but maybe it felt that way for him because he’s gotten used to a water based lube now.

If you’re into anal play (no judging here), I would say that you should definitely go with a silicone based lube. It’s thicker and lasts longer – which you definitely want when you’re going “there”. If you like using silicone based toys, however, you should avoid using a silicone based lube like this one, as they don’t tend to mesh well together.

There were two things that I really noted about this lube. The first? It seemed to come off of my sheets (and me) much easier than most silicone based lubricants that I’ve tried, which is always a good thing. The second thing? It didn’t feel that greasy and wasn’t smelly (which may be three things, but math has never been my strong suit).

The price on this one is also right, as it’s much less expensive than some other lubricants and works perfectly well!


One Response to “Forbidden Wednesday – Pjur Woman”

  1. PinkPiddyPaws October 3, 2008 at 4:34 pm #

    I like the H20 stuff.. very spiff. 😉

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