Still Here

7 Oct

I’m still here! yay! I’ve just had a really, REALLY busy couple of days. Want a little example of what I’ve been dealing with? No problem.

So we take Respite Girl once a month – last weekend was the weekend her mother and I agreed upon, as apparently the mother was flying down to Florida with the new boyfriend (don’t ask.)

So Respite Girl was here and, let me be perfectly honest here – I absolutely get that she was upset with her mother for leaving. I get that she was worried that her mother wouldn’t come home. I know she goes through a lot of tough crap. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that she slapped Toad.


Long story short? She slapped him for no good reason. The first time we let her get away with it because we believe that every kid deserves a chance and because we knew how much stress she was under – she’s basically a great kid! The second time, however, was the last straw for the weekend. So her 17 year old sister had to come and get her, which I felt horrible about.

Apparently the agency we go through is upset with the mother for leaving the state (something I didn’t know wasn’t kosher or I wouldn’t have agreed) and were planning on taking care of it on Monday. The entire time between when she slapped and before her sister got there, she was swearing up and down that both her mother and her sister beat her. Now you never know what happens in any house, but neither Scott nor I believed this whopper. She’s actually where she is because her mother is too lenient. Now don’t yell at me – there is definitely a chance that the mother DOES hurt her, which is why we reported it to the worker so that it wouldn’t slip through the cracks. She even said that her mother and sister never let her use the phone, which we know is a blatant lie.

So Monday morning rolls around. Scott’s home for the week because his factory is shut down again. We get a phone call fairly early on in the AM. It’s one of the workers – she says that RG is saying that Scott hit her.

Of course.

If you’ve never been in the foster care world, this is huge. If they decide to take her at her word (by the way, OF COURSE SHE’S LYING), Scott could get into huge trouble. He could not only get investigated, he could lose his foster license (which means that I lose mine too), and he could even be fined or go to jail.

The social worker said she was going to talk to RG some more yesterday, and that’s the last we’ve heard of it. I started out Monday morning hoping that she was okay, and ended my afternoon rip-shit-pissed at a little girl who likes to throw out possibly damaging lies.

Then let’s pile tons of work on top of that stress, along with the decision we have to make about getting another respite child once a month – this one is a boy who believes he’s a “gangsta”, apparently, and you’ve got a very stressed out Randi.


2 Responses to “Still Here”

  1. Finn October 7, 2008 at 2:05 pm #

    Well hell, that sucketh mightly. This is the kind of thing that would make me rethink the foster situation. Life is stressful enough.

    I don’t care if it makes me a bad person.

  2. Jenera October 7, 2008 at 3:26 pm #

    I think you guys are awesome for doing anything related to a foster program. I sometimes wish I was cool enough to do that but I admit that I am not a strong enough person in any way shape or form to handle troubled kids. Nope.

    Hopefully they will see she is lying and nothing will happen to Scott-or you.

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