Big Dogs

10 Oct

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Big Dogs, originally uploaded by scootersbabygirl.

For some reason, this one didn’t come out very well after I downloaded it and played with it. But then again, I’ve been having issues with my Kodak, so let’s not go there.

Remember little Kamik and Takaani? Little – heh – that’s Kamik and Takaani a few days ago. Yes, they’re huge. On two feet, they’re as tall as I am. They eat 6 cups of food a day…each…and constantly run over the hill to find apples to eat. Bottom-less pits they are, but we love them dearly. I’ve got a wicked fun video of the two trying to ambush Duke when he had the ball – I’ll have to put it up sometime. But for now I wanted you to see what my two foot-warmers looked like at TEN MONTHS OLD.

Yes, ten months. I know, I know, we’re crazy. Too bad they’re so damn cute and lovable.

(btw, Takaani is on the left looking at the screen and Kamik is on the right – and I now understand how parents of identical twins can tell them apart so easily.)


One Response to “Big Dogs”

  1. Misstressm October 10, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    Girl they are HUGE….the dogs that is.

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